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Lewis Builders Ltd recognise the importance of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Along with safety management these are principal standards within the business.

It is also recognised that the systems to achieve satisfaction of these principals will be commensurate with the size of the business. In an organisation of this size such systems will be simple, transparent and easy to operate.


Donald Maclennan, Director, has responsibility for quality at high level. He will undertake his responsibilities by:

•          Ensuring that the customer is the prime focus at all time.

•          Ensuring the words commitment, customer service and professionalism are fundamental to the company's vocabulary

•          Ensuring that each customer's needs are clearly defined and understood.

•          Not making promises that cannot be kept

•          Communicating clearly and honestly with staff and with customers

•          Ensuring that all employees are appropriately trained in all aspects of their job.

•          Ensuring Quality is never knowingly compromised, at any level, during any process.

•          Understanding that prevention, as opposed to detection of errors is the correct approach of a quality system

•          Supplying products that fully satisfy our customer's expectations to ensure both parties have a profitable experience in terms of product and financial performance.

•          Continuously improving every aspect of our business activities.


Ewen Maclean is responsible for the maintenance of the Quality Management System.

He will undertake his responsibilities by:

•          Maintaining the 9001:2015 standard in the workplace and

•          Planning, doing, checking and acting as required to ensure this

•          Ensuring that the company retains the standard.

He has full authority to take all such actions as are necessary to fulfil this role.



Lewis Builders Business Quality Objectives for 2023

1 -To introduce a Critical customer satisfaction survey

2 - To Implement additional resources to increase planned frequency and deliver of internal audit reports

3 - To draft, establish and implement a Risk and Opportunity Register for the organisation

This policy is reviewed and updated annually.



Donald Maclennan, Director                                    Date 15/02/23

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